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Barcode Printer TSC Model TTP-244M Pro

Barcode Printer TSC Model TTP-244M Pro

Detailed Description

Barcode Printer TSC Model TTP-244M Pro. Industrial barcode printer. Internal steel have been designed for use in high-volume print jobs.

Print resolution: 203dpi (8 dots/mm)
Printing speed: 102mm (4)/second
Printing system: direct thermal (Thermal Direct): thermal (Thermal Transfer).
Memory: SDRAM Memory 8MB Flash 4MB
Print width: 104mm (4.09 ").
Length: 2286 (90 ').
Insert the Ribbon length: 300M (outside coated ink)
Connect: USBNN2, RS-232, Parallel

Last Update:
14 March 2014
Barcode Printer TSC Model TTP-244M Pro S.I.N. Information Co.
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